Severine – Not Obsessed

Severine – Not Obsessed


“Not Obsessed” from Severine has an unique blend of electronica and typical pop instrumentation capped off with a vocal performance that makes it all the more memorable. The influence of acts like Portishead and Muse is discernible in the songwriting, but Severine already has her own voice early in a career that’s sure to experience many peak moments. Her producer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo is a notable figure on the New York City music scene who has worked with some of the music world’s biggest names and he aids Severine in framing this song in a dramatic light. It’s equally important that Severine embodies the passions of the lyric so well without ever lapsing into self indulgence or overwrought histrionics. Instead, she has the style of performers much older and glides through the performance hitting all of its high points and tapping into the mood of the song throughout its entirety.


“Not Obsessed” has some light, practically lyrical piano playing in a brief introduction before electronic sounds come into the picture and the song settles into a set pattern. This early part of the song draws listeners in immediately and sets them up for the vivid, cinematic moments that are soon to come. Severine isn’t a believer, fortunately, in following a straight line in her pop songs and what this means for listeners is that she has an eagerness to explore a variety of ideas within a tasteful amount of space. “Not Obsessed” doesn’t run on too long but Severine is still capable of introducing a number of musical motifs without the audience ever feeling like she’s pushing too much on us or rushing the progression of her song. The climaxes, big and small, included in the performance will capture the ear of even the most jaded listeners because this isn’t pop that looks down on its target audience. Severine, instead, has produced a song that serious music lovers can and will enjoy without ever feeling like it is some sort of guilty pleasure. In our modern pop era, that’s a rare gift indeed.


A lot of this has to do with how easy it is to relate to Severine as a performer. She keeps the irony of the song title lightly played, never over emphasizing it, and moves through the lyric projecting the sort of confidence that makes you believe she is a smart, empowered and impassioned young woman. Nothing about her singing sounds forced. The lyrics convey things in such a way that the listener can interpret the songwriting as they like while still allowing Severine to get what she needs from the track. “Not Obsessed” is a remarkable single crackling with individuality and imagination, but it also shows a veteran sensibility filling the song’s spirit that makes it a powerful statement. The Official music video has debuted on Vevo and was directed by Todd Muchow and Edited by Anana Kaye.


Photo Credit: Todd Muchow

Charles Hatton