Singer-Songwriter Gary Pratt Releases New Album

Country Music legend-in-the-making Gary Pratt has returned to the music scene with his newest album Something Worth Remembering. It’s a breathtaking tour de force Country affair with something probably for everyone and it certainly shows as a project that’s been worked on for some time, having been in development for the better part of over a year. Pratt teams up with a variety of talents from singers Savannah Nider (“To Find Us”) and Matt Westin to producer Bryan Cole and even Grammy Award Nominee Tony Arata who writes the spectacular album closer of which it’s named after. Even surrounding himself with all these fantastic contributors, it’s Pratt who stays at the core of all of this. His voice has this stretchy quality that sounds like a lot of radio country, but when he occasionally slows down you’ll be reminded of the greats like Hank Williams.


It should be noted that Pratt isn’t just some guy who decided to make an album. He’s been hard at work opening for the likes of Dwight Yoakum, Ronnie Milsap, and Crystal Gale and that’s just naming a few. He’s also performed at a variety of converts including the CMA Fest and the Gap Music Festival, that maybe you might have heard him at some point and didn’t even know it. Now back on his third album, he’s got your attention and your time and he’s making the most of it, and man, he does not disappoint.


Starting with a song that will give you some serious “Stand By Me” (movie, not song) vibes with the recollection of times by the river with friends in the summer, and anxious prepubescent energy oozing from childlike pores, Pratt certainly has the past on his mind a lot with these works, thinking about past loves, past failures, past longings and the multitude of sacrifices he’s had to make and others have to witness especially in the fantastic track “Number One Fan” which in lesser hands could have been a self-congratulatory mess, but here is rich with pathos and love and respect for the people who’ve helped him get to the place he’s in currently. It’s a very special album that you know means the world to him and it feels like a gift he’s giving back to the listeners.


I would like to see him change up his sounds a bit for something maybe a bit more reserved as I always found myself gravitating towards his more somber work, and Country music like that usually has to be a bit more stripped back to be just as impactful as just living off of the vocals. Pratt grew up in a coal-mining town and in a way, it almost sounds like a parody of what you think when you think of a traditional country music star, but he’s anything but. He’s a craftsman and a hard worker who elevates his art in any way that he can. It’s rich and moving and I can’t wait to see more from him.

Zachary Rush