Singer/Songwriter Jim Lord release new Single “Little Star”

It’s a rare thing to sit on the front lawn, under the stars on a clear summer’s evening and trace Orion’s Belt, or point out the Big Dipper. It’s another thing to take a mental picture of that same feeling sharing with someone special. In the new track, “Little Star” from singer/songwriter Jim Lord, the sky’s the limit when it comes to warm guitars and a modest, but thoughtful, voice.

Sequestered among the stars, Lord’s captivating voice plays the part of the storyteller. A quietness erupts with each guitar pic, his voice swallowing the listener whole like the whale to Jonah. The song starts out with the children’s song “twinkle, twinkle, little star”, but it’s the raspy, bluesy vocals that denote Lord’s audience. Yes, it could surely be a song appropriate for a child, but this song contains stealth and ethereal. It can sound sad, as though Lord is singing about someone close to him has died.

He sings “one night I gazed up at the sky, a lonely sparkle caught my eye…in my heart you’ll always be, the days go by and the nights are long, my only comfort is this song.”

The guitar movement is like a steady stream, there are some real strong spots where the water pools, or in this case, the rhythm collects in a way that adds a stronger acoustic chord. Lord adds in a mix of an electronic guitar, texturing the sound to be a bit more bluesy than folk rock. It fits his style – Lord’s second album Hangdog Heaven via Blue Vinyl Records in 2000 features the stirring “Let Go the Light” and the bluesy/twangy “Save Yourself”. Lord released a slew of live hits in 2017’s Live at Armando’s. One of the highlights in that 12-track odyssey is the magnificent acoustic guitar playing in “I’ll Save the Tears”. Lord’s hypnotic voice never ceases to lose its edge. In fact, with time, it continues to brew like a cup of coffee. The recording microphone, acting as a filter, filtrates the imperfections in his voice ever-so-slightly.

Lord’s cadence is masterful. His intuitions on the pace and the tempo of this song couldn’t be clearer and more precise. If this were any other pace, I think it would lose its magic. Lord takes you to another atmosphere in “Little Star” that feels like home, but it could also be a world of your own devices. His stunning guitar trickles along like that stream of water through rock crevices; with each listen the rock gets smoother and smoother. Like the outer shell of someone in a bad mood, this song can iron out those troubles. It’s a revered place, in Lord’s camp. He’s not going to harm, he’s going to take care of the listener and you come out of this song feeling so much better.

“Little Star” by Jim Lord is the chicken soup for the 2020 music soul. It’s a great flavoring that the listener can keep going back to over-and-over and have a different experience each and every time.

Zachary Rush

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