SkinsNbones Ask “Is There Meaning?” With Latest Single 

SkinsNbones Ask “Is There Meaning?” With Latest Single 

SkinsNbones Ask “Is There Meaning?” With Latest Single New Rock Single Available Now 


Beenleigh, Australia – February 27, 2020 – SkinsNbones deliver classic rock with a modern, unapologetic attitude with their latest single that asks, “Is There Meaning?”

With a vocal performance that takes listeners back to the days when rock and roll meant something and wasn’t just about followers and likes, “Is There Meaning?” boasts a question that could have well, a myriad of meanings to those to listen. As for the music that encapsulates those lyrics, it’s the perfect balance between headbanging rock and roll and classic guitar riffs that’ll make fans of classic rock yearn for more. 

In a matter of only three months, the four talented musicians that makeup SkinsNbones have put in as much work as their peers who’ve been at it for decades. Creating anthemic rock songs that aren’t just entertaining, but meaningful and musically inspiring in such a short time. If “Is There Meaning?” came that quick to them, imagine what else is in store. 

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SkinsNbones delivers classic rock with a modern feel with their latest hard-hitting anthem, “Is There Meaning?”

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