Some Retro Sounds from Frank Patek

Frank Patek ReviewFrank Patek is a rocker with an singer-songwriter heart from Milwaukee who’s ready to gain you as a new fan. “Unforgiven” has this singer-songwriter feel like it’s from the ’70s or ’80s. For some reason it sounds like something Meatloaf would have put out in that it has this vibrato and drama to it. In “My Angel” Patek stays in those decades with an upbeat treat, as is “Stand By You.” When it comes to “Kathy’s Song” though we slow it down a bit and some heart is shown. As we head towards the homestretch, “Are You Able” shreds in the intro but calms down in the vocals, while we close things out with “Ashamed.” It takes the drama of the first and the heart of “Kathy’s Song” and intertwines them seamlessly. If you’re a fan of artists like Meatloaf and Foreigner should check out Frank Patek today. (