Sometimes we must travel to some of the darkest places to discover the light behind the darkest faces, My journey from tragedy to triumph can be recognized in two words Beautiful Darkness

Woodstock, Ga — Monday, April 20th, 2020 — From addition and abandonment, dishonesty and disloyalty. One man chased his childhood dream to the brink of destruction with one goal in mind; Redemption.

Music was his soul lifeline in a world where money was power, and pain developed character. Stuck between the crossroads of giving up, and pushing forward, Whit3 E Capone dedicated his life, in hopes of one day saving yours. 2020 he is making his return for vengeance on an industry where all odds were against him.

“Sometimes the purest souls lie behind the darkest faces ” Whit3 E Capone

“It’s your choice to discover the beauty inside the darkest places” Whit3 E Capone

“Beautiful Darkness” will give fans insight into the mind torn between good and evil. It is 2 part 24 track album bringing new life to a once lost soul.

Traveling a highway to hell, he found his stairway to heaven. Broken homes don’t always lead to broken dreams. 2020 marks the year everyone will cheer on the rise of the true underdog.

If society has walked out on you, then I extend my hand to walk with me, Let’s bring our lost society to the front door of those who left us behind! Let’s show the beauty behind our darkness!!


In a new age of hip hop where the fake is a reward and the real struggle to survive, Whit3 E Capone takes you threw his life of hardship, turmoil, and the self-destruction of his climb to success.



Whit3 E Capone
Zachary Campbell
211 Woodglen Dr

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