Spaghetti… That’s Italian, right? Well, maybe NOT…

Spaghetti… That’s Italian, right? Well, maybe NOT…Not when it’s the AUDIO variety. Yeah…AUDIO SPAGHETTI. Some fresh-faced new musical food from…
good ol’ Kansas, and they’re attracting attention! Just like a plate of Italia’s best satisfies that driving hunger, AUDIO SPAGHETTI satisfies the hunger for good, down-to-earth soul-reaching comfort tunes. What else would you expect from three Kansas boys singing from the heart?
They’ve been broadly categorized as a sort of “crazy mix of pop/funk/metal” right from the Midwest and right from the heart. Yeah, OK…but it’s more than that.

It’s Josh Fellers, drums… Brendan Arnold, bass…and Jacob Tabler, vocalist/guitar player, and there’s just something about them. It’s nothing Hollywood…nothing all that “oooh-ah” special. And maybe that’s it. They’re just basic Midwestern talent, and it GETS to you.

Audio’s songwriting draws from their experience…in life and in musical influences…but it’s how they put it together that’s the key.

Sure they draw from it all: Les Claypool, Incubus, and Jimmy’s Chicken Shack. 311, Incubus, Sublime, and Green Day. But it just WORKS!
As The Kansas State Collegian put it, “…(it’s) kind of where the ‘Spaghetti’ comes from, like a crazy mix of music…” And that’s it. They just seem to be so much greater than simply a sum of their musical parts. It’s weird…and it’s good. So very GOOD! Yes, “radio-friendly,” but from a new genre. You can feel the roots, but it comes out so straightforwardly freakin’ cool, that you tend to ignore the bloodlines. Like I said, AUDIO SPAGHETTI is satisfying. Evidently others seem to be getting it, too. They released their debut album, “Take Control,” in June 2006. The record’s mature and catchy songwriting has been turning heads in the Midwest ever since. The mix of pop, funk, and metal create very groove oriented songs. The kind you can’t get out of your head.

Spaghetti’s starting to find appreciative listeners online and at college and community radio, too. Places like: KZLS 107.9 – Great Bend, KS; KANR 92.7- Wichita, KS; KJLS 103.3- Hays, KS; KSDB 91.9- Manhattan, KS…sure, the “heartland.” But that’s not all. The great ether is bringing a taste of AUDIO SPAGHETTI to places like Sinzig, Germany’s “Alooga Radio.” Way down South at WNCW – Columbia, SC. And across the globe via growing glowing responses to their music on iChannel and the Podsafe Music Network.

Like that totally committed chef, AUDIO SPAGHETTI will do whatever it takes, however long it takes, because they have what it takes to “perform” the recipe. And to reach out to your aural tastebuds in the process. Pretty nice.
Yum…grab a taste.