Stephen Scholle: Rhymes with Folly Sampler

Stephen Scholle ReviewStephen Scholle’s “Rhymes with Folly Sampler” is a musical buffet with everything from folk to jazz-like elements. Saying sampler is a true testament of the wide variety this record offers. “Slovenian Bark” sounds like a mixture of old country Russia intertwined with new world Country. It has this very masculine voice saying words of farm life and it has a very folklore feel to it. With “Dancin Fingers, Dancin Toes” Stephen lightens things and the beat up with a song that title does not lie. What’s great about this is the that it takes you on a real ride. Musically it could fit in with classic Disney films like “The Aristocats.” It has a jazzy, cool cat demeanor. We then take the party down a notch with “You’re Dangerous.” Again, we get a new side of this artist. It’s like every time a song begins, a new musician walks out to entertain. We get another cool vibe with “Short Short Long.” What’s great about this one is that in its simplicity, it has the ability to really grab you with the beat. You’ll have that little hook in your head long after it’s said and done. If you like variety and aren’t stuck liking one type of music, check out Stephen Scholle’s “ Rhymes with Folly Sampler.” (