Stevie Pre – Greatest Hits

Stevie Pre – Greatest Hits


We are leaving in a world that’s in a constant search for diversity in both the bureaucratic field but also the arts, slowly yet firmly that dream is coming true. However, while there’s a race and sex diversity taking place, sadly the same isn’t exactly happening on the music when it comes to the sound. Yes, we’ve had some great and unique artists taking the scene by storm like Imogen Heap, Sia (Yeah, her music might be kind of your typical poppy stuff but perhaps is her vocals or videos that makes her so different), Agnes Obel and so many on, but still even most of these acts are fading out into the “mainstream” abyss. Luckily for us, there are some great musicians and producers awaiting in the shadows to come out and reinvent the scene, one of them is Stevie Pre.

Now, the NJ’s native isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, the man has been in this industry for over 15 years and he’s celebrating this milestone with a Greatest Hits. The album is filled with this amazing and highly addictive beats that goes all the way from Hip Hop with “Never Stop” auto tune vocals reminiscent of T-Pain, there’s an undeniably swag that drags you into both the song and the album immediately, perhaps the best intro I ever heard from an album this year as it archives what every intro should do, which is get you interested in what’s coming next. “Running This” has this really nice Rob Dougan dark vibe with haunting, distorted guitar riffs blended with this vocal samples that gives the song a nice 90s’ FatBoy Slim-esque touch. “Follow” goes a bit brighter this time with the sober vocals that reminded me to Damian Albarn in Gorillaz, the music always amazing uses more synthesizers this time. As the album progresses, one thing you would notice is the eclecticness, there’s a slightly sense continuity though none of them sounds remotely the same.

Through the life of a real artist, he dives into different waters and a master on its craft doesn’t get stuck in one genre and always experiment with different styles. Stevie Pre knows this very well, the guy has been killing the stages from an early age in a hip hop group but also has been playing in hardcore bands. On this material, while there are no screamo or guitar breakdown, he’s hardcore in such a creative, unspeakable way. There’s really no negative thing to say about this material. As for lyrics goes, they aren’t exactly thoughtful nor deep by any means though I don’t think he was seeking for any of that.

Overall, Stevie Pre Greatest Hits works as an excellent title. As every single in it it’s (beyond) great and with some support by the media and big stations they can easily become hits. If you are a purist of any genre, MAAAYBE you would not enjoy this record but you would have to fight your demons and shed some blood and at the end none of that would matter as you would become a fan of the artist and his work. So let yourself go and get into the mind of this amazing artist.

Rating: 9.5/10


RJ Frometa