Stf Chef Delivers on Lit New Single

“Make It Make Sense” Out Now


Detroit, Michigan – July 16, 2019 – Fans have spoken and the consensus is “Make It Make Sense” is straight fire. Which comes to no surprise to those who’ve been keen to the talent of Detroit’s own Stf Chef.

Coming up in the Detroit scene, Stf Chef has managed to make a solid name for himself. He dropped his first album, Who That Nigga in the Kitchen, in Fall 2018. With his engine still revving, he didn’t settle down for long. By February 2019 he was back with another record. This time the Thoughts and Experiences EP. Now he’s riding high on the release of his lit new single “Make It Make Sense.”

Stf Chef has only been putting his name out there since 2018 and already he has two records to his name, and a handful of fire singles including his latest, “Make It Make Sense” and his upcoming release, “Still Going AKA My Last One Part 2.”

Those interested in adding “Make It Make Sense” to their playlists, featuring it on their site or show, or interviewing Stf Chef can reach out via the information provided below.


Stf Chef is a hip hop emcee representing Detroit to the fullest with his latest single “Make It Make Sense.”

Stf Chef
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Make It Make Sense:

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