Tacachale Chamber Orchestra – “Ocean Floor Funeral”

Tacachale Chamber Orchestra – “Ocean Floor Funeral” 

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsYQxGW6yig

Tachale Chamber Orchestra is a six member band based out of Gainesville, Florida which according to their Twitter profile, the description of their music is “Beatles, Beach Boys and Smiths playing at a funeral.” I have to agree with them because their sound does remind me of the Beach Boys and a little of Beatles. I’ll also add that their music is pretty dark and if you’re in a mood to cry or just want to listen to something that might express some sadness then this is the music for you.

Their first song on the album “You’ll Wish You Were Him” is depressing and has a sound of folk music set in the 1970’s with hippies singing. The music to the track is nice and soothing, but I don’t understand the point in the lyrics especially the line “His ears are full of wax.” That’s a bad visual for me: full of wax. Maybe I’m too analytical to get it, but just wondering why their songs are written the way they are. I may not get the whole idea of “chamber pop” which is how their music is described.

Next up, “Side of the Road” is another depressing song that is basically saying that they would have wished they could have seen someone die and told the dying individual a joke. Maybe it’s a strange form of comfort for someone that they knew and this is a way to deal with their grief. The male vocalist singing has a lovely voice which is soothing and calm, but I couldn’t help but wonder what’s up with the theme of the album which seems to be: death. Then I remember the title of the album is “Ocean Floor Funeral”.

“What’s Your Home” is actually a beautiful song that I think is about someone who is dying (at least that’s what I gathered based on the lyrics).

There are three more songs on the album; “The Verse Is Over”, “Don’t Wake Up” and “Cold Winter”.

The album includes instrumental versions of all of their songs and I enjoyed the instrumental versions more because there were no lyrics. I can see myself listening just to the instrumental versions cooking or hanging around a campfire with friends.

Try their music out and who knows, they may be the next Beatles or Beach Boys to you and that is what really matters. You are the listener and buyer, and just maybe they can fill a void for you in your life or comfort you. I say go for it… buy it and try it.

Rating: 7/10

By Maria Rochelle

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ocean-floor-funeral-ep/id1005625874