Take a Walk in Nick Pagan’s “Food Forest”

Nick Pagan ReviewOne of the sweetest sounds is a man with his guitar, and that’s what you get with Nick Pagan. “Food Forest” starts like something you’d hear on a compilation with NeverShoutNever. The singer-songwriter aspect is there, but you get a sense that Nick was raised with a little punk rock in his life. Not because he brings a folk-punk offering to the table like Frank Turner, but because he’s not coming across like the typical guy with a guitar you’d hear on Vh1, but one that would kill it at the acoustic stage at Warped Tour alongside This Wild Life. The lyrics are simple, sweet and easy on the ears. If you’re a fan of singers that deliver simplicity in a manner that’s delightful, check out Nick Pagan’s “Food Forest,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/nick-pagan-3)