‘Talking To Myself’ Is Five Tracks Of Folk-Pop Bliss

Boston, Massachusetts — Friday, September 13th, 2019 — Isobel Knight is a songwriter and singer from Australia who has brought her EP ‘Talking To Myself’ to the US in 2019 with her debut performances this side of the Pacific. A seven show tour over the summer saw this entirely independent musician share her songs and storytelling with new rooms and radio stations across the country. This follows the success of her first release ‘The Nest’ in 2018, which has since garnered more than half a million spotify plays.

The ‘Talking To Myself’ EP is a more polished step forward for Knight. Her unique blend of soul-influenced folk singing and storytelling have connected with audiences across the world, with listeners across all continents.

With a love for a catchy chorus, Knight said “I’m too earnest to be a glamourous pop singer. But this EP is about that – telling the truth, admitting you were wrong, abandoning any pretenses of cool and relishing in that.” Happy Mag called the EP “Five tracks of folk-pop bliss” and Metronome labeled Knight’s songwriting “cut-to-the-heart”.

This EP was independently produced and released.

The ‘Talking To Myself’ EP is the latest offering from Isobel Knight and a new step into the US music space for this up and coming artist.

‘Talking To Myself’ is available on all streaming services now, and Isobel Knight and her music can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.





Isobel Knight is a soulful, folky songstress from Sydney, Australia. Her first release, •The Nest’ (2018) has garnered more than half a million Spotify plays and is a collection of songs about love, home, and family. 2019 saw her relocate to the US and release the five-track EP ‘Talking To Myself’,, which kept her folky storytelling and guitar playing while leaning into brass and group-sung soul-influenced elements.



Isobel Knight
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