The GLG Band Delivers Inspirational Country

Acoustic Meets Electric and Marries it with Country

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Hawick, Roxburghshire, United Kingdom – August 14, 2019Every band has their own unique origin story, and The GLG Band is no different. If an article wasn’t written about George L. Goodfellow after he joined the Tennessee Songwriters Association in America, then Jim McParland wouldn’t have noticed him and reached out. From there they worked with Steve Patrick, Garry Johnstone, and Kevin Jackson. Every step of the way for The GLG Band has been one chance encounter after another, but without each member, there wouldn’t be this beautiful, thought-provoking Country music for fans to take in and enjoy.

Together George Goodfellow and The GLG Band have written and recorded half a dozen albums to date, including their latest, A Handful of Diamonds. Released at thirteen years after their debut at the tail end of 2015, A Handful of Diamonds delivered memorable yet delicate performances throughout whether it was on the titular track or “Sign on the Wall.”

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The GLG Band came together after a series of fortunate events that led George L. Goodfellow to Jim McParland. Together they continued to add talent to the lineup and today are happily creating Country music across six albums, including their latest release, A Handful of Diamonds.

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