The spiders – Election Day Reviews

The Spiders – Election Day Reviews


Right now what our country needs is something to unite us and bring us together. The 2016 Elections is a big source of disagreement and controversy. I truly believe that music has always and will always be something to unite us. I was nervous when I first saw the title “Election Day,” as The Spiders’ new single because you never quite know what to expect when politicians and government are brought up, especially in music. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Spiders were able to take simple lyrics and old-school rock ‘n’ roll beats and turn it in to an Election anthem. It touches on the many discrepancies of each candidate and the current state of our country. The lyrics bring to light the popular stance on the election while making it an extremely relatable song that is catchy and easy to sing along with.

The song reminds me of a mixture of big haired 80s rock songs and Green Day’s American Idiot– full of angst, hard hitting guitar riffs and memorable drum beats.

It’s refreshing to come across a band who isn’t afraid to speak their minds even when it might be controversial.

The band uses the song as a means to promote voting, encouraging listeners and watchers of their YouTube video to get off their computers and vote.

To learn more about The Spiders, their talented band members vocalist/guitarist Nick DeStefano, bassist John Henderson and drummer Nestor Arcelay,


Breanna Davis