Thomas Samples Does the Greats

Thomas Samples ReviewThomas Samples is a singer/songwriter from Georgia who takes on some of the biggest hits and does what he can to make them his own. First up is “What a Wonderful World.” His version sounds as if someone from Elvis’ generation redid it. It has that blues vibe. Then of course, it’s hard to top one of the best vocal performances ever…Garth Brooks’ “Thunder Rolls.” Thomas Samples does what he can and it’s a good attempt. He could’ve come on stronger and hit it bigger. That’s a very powerful vocal to try and touch. With “I Want You” you have to crank it up, because he performs it so soft – it’s like a delicate touch. To wrap things up we’re going to get a little funky with “Baby It’s No Fun Without You.” It’s still soft but the music adds a something different. If you’re into singer/songwriters who don’t overwhelm and play it cool, check out Thomas Samples today. (

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