Two Sides of Ricky Dean

Two Sides of Ricky DeanCountry music is as pure as it gets when it comes to emotion, but that is just one side of the genre; the heart. The other side is the one that is able to let go, grab a beer and have some fun. Ricky Dean showcases both sides of his Country world with a pair of tracks that are for fans of Trace Adkins and Tobey Keith. When You Call Me Daddy is the typical country song; a story. It tells the tale of a man and his child, the child ultimately growing up and the feelings the father now and will always have. It touches the heart of anyone who has ever been a parent and those who will one day be. Two Steps On The Bar is on the other side of the spectrum. It is a faster song that is for the bar, which is obvious from the title. This is the one you spend a quarter on in the jukebox to take a dull evening to a new level of fun. Ricky Dean is not one sided, he knows how to create songs that both entertain the heart and the dance floor. (