Two Troubadours Music: Tim Hogan & Jon Lorentz

Two Troubadours Music ReviewTwo Troubadours Music’s “Tim Hogan & Jon Lorentz” is pop for people who have their life together. Songs about the idea of home are always touching because where are people most comfortable? Well at their own house, that’s why “Home” is a good song. Everyone can relate to it. The same can be said of “House is Our Home.” We pick up the pace and head in a different direction with “Runaways.” The intro of “Wants & Needs” grabs you and the vocals haunt you as you dive deeper into this one. When you approach “The Misty Gold” you don’t get the same sound that played with the rest of the record. Two Troubadours Music sounds like a completely different artist here music wise. Ending this record is “The Way She Moves” and it’s come full circle in terms of sound. It is pop music done in a very mature way that it almost sounds like a classic piece. If you’re a fan of mature pop like Ryan Adams, check out Two Troubadours Music. (