The music has a mystical element in the lyrics and in the tone of the songs. The music is spiritual in nature and will keep the listener engaged throughout the songs. Vajra has released their new album in the spring titled Plemora. The lyrical themes mostly deal with duality: male vs. female, east vs. west, etc. The tone of the music also has a conflicting quality by masterfully blending hard rock with soft melody.

There is a yin and yang element to the album, the soft parts of the music complementing the harder elements. The solid melding of rock and melodic, symphonic tones is also seen in the band’s music as a whole.

The song “Inside the Flame” is a strong example of the band’s progressive style and deep lyrics. “Erode the Will” is melodic and softer in tone with the bass tracks and Pinna’s vocals truly standing out. “Blind” mixes the traditional Indian sitar with an alternative edge that fans of rock music will come to love.

The band itself exudes passion and the singer expresses a unique viewpoint. Vajra makes a special imprint within the rock world with their unique lyrics and eastern theme that cannot be found anywhere else. The great thing about this band is that there is no other band like them out there. To learn more about Vajra, go to:,