Vin Zeeland Introduces Ruthies Space Bus

New Project From Music Industry Vet

Dallas, Texas – March 13, 2019 – Vin Zeeland has been a prominent name in music for the past four decades working in radio, as well as recording and performing with numerous acts. Now he’s ready to take on the world with another endeavor, his Deep House Techno project, Ruthies Space Bus’ Caught in a Wormhole.

Ruthies Space Bus is Vin Zeeland’s step into the electronic realm with Caught in a Wormhole. While fans of Daft Punk and Fluke will be impressed and like what they hear, they’ll also appreciate the heavy metal tendencies laced throughout. Those rock vibes served as the foundation for Vin Zeeland’s overall inspiration on the record, setting it apart from its peers in the genre alongside hints of sounds from around the globe including Latin beats, classical, hip-hop and orchestra music.

It’s no surprise that Vin Zeeland would be able to combine all those genres with ease. He’s been in music for the past 40 years. 30 of them were spent as an international recording artist. When he’s not promoting and recording Ruthies Space Bus music, he’s hosting his popular radio show, The Vin Zeeland Radio Hour on ArtistFirst Radio Network on Tuesdays (12pm EST/9pm PST). With an average 100,000 listeners every week, he’s one of the network’s leading personalities thanks to his interviews with indie musicians, authors, film producers, and video game producers.

With a number one ranking on Number One Music in Dallas, and over a quarter of a million streams, Vin Zeeland’s Ruthies Space Bus is already proving to be a force. Those interested in reviewing Caught in a Wormhole, adding it to their playlists, or interviewing Vin Zeeland can reach out via the information provided below.


With 40 years in music under his belt and a popular radio show, Vin Zeeland has shown no signs of slowing down with the release of his latest project, Ruthies Space Bus, and the Deep House Techno album, Caught in a Wormhole.

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