VITNE drops EP

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One of the greatest things a music-lover experiences is the discovery of a new artist so exciting, it makes the listener want to write about it.  Sometimes, such jewels are found “underground” rather than mainstream media, but then again, that’s just one of the reasons why the indie scene can be so fascinating; It is a stage designed for creative people, a platform to let their art be seen, and in this case, be heard.  Some artists have been around for a while bit nonetheless are beneath our radar. Norway’s own VITNE is one of these aforementioned discoveries with their latest EP entitled appropriately “Endless Blue.”

How would I describe this EP? It’s a supernova of passion and sound exploding into your soul, a game changer in a world that needs change. Led by VITNE (Joseph Kimbrell) Lead and backing vocals, flute, guitars, bass, synth, Julian Angel: Lead guitar, Phil Robertson: Drums on “Misery” and “The Ocean”,, Matthew Sean Reynolds: Drums on “Endless Blue.” This band led by Kimbrell have waved goodbye to the musical status quo and generated a whirlwind of interest and fascination among music critics, industry members and music fans alike. All members are from Oslo. This is kind of a progressive, conceptual record. It’s got pure Rock loud and proud – but there are other styles as well. It makes no apologies as it blasts through your speakers and invites listeners to experience and relate to the depths and levity of the restless soul with traces of Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Kasabian and Kris Allen.

These latest string of songs presents an amazing blend of Classic Psychedelic Rock, with modern overtones and slight Puck rock. It’s nice to see this style making a comeback with a real artist like VITNE. On the openers “Rain of Hope” and my top pick “Endless Blue” the music displays a spot on mixture of all the above genres, but Kimbrell’s voice and songwriters touch are the pinnacle of it all. His singing – delightful, soulful, and magical and is the perfect song for late night parties, accompanied by a psychedelic party. This EP has a special melodic element to it combining rocking fretwork, well placed harmonies, a guitar-driven USA/EURO rock-influenced groove that evolves perfectly as the EP advances. I especially like the solos – reminds me of Jimmy Hendricks or Black Sabbath. Enter in the impressive vocal work of VITNE meshed with the clever lyrics you have the perfect setting for an EP likes this. The EP continues to build and shape well through to the finale ending of “The Ocean:” one of the best finale statements to a record I’ve ever head.

9/10 Stars

Andy Keeley