What Do You Get When You Mix Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Demarco, and Homeshake? An interesting artist like Renold.

Newark, DE — Monday, April 27th, 2020 — It’s obvious the world is running very low of unique individuals who are proud to be whole with all their perfections and imperfections. This even pours into music nowadays and explains why the art form is flooded with a tremendous amount of duplicates that aren’t taking enough risks with the craft. This artist “Renold” is creating music that has the potential to make listeners ditch the normal stigma around a rapper by giving his audience a new style of Hip-hop. Renold’s pride in being his true self is displayed so evidently in his sound through lyrics and production as he tells the world his story, a story that many others may share.

Renold speaks for every person who has ever felt trapped, misled, and shut out by societal norms that one can’t pursue a passion that makes them happy and that men can’t be vulnerable and honest with their feelings. After diving beneath the upbeat face values of his first two singles “Ya boi can’t dance” and “On 3!” two things to be learned about the artist are revealed. From “Ya boi can’t dance” we learn that Renold is an African American artist who tied in his insecurities with his dance skills along with trust issues to create a fictional story of someone who gets a fast one pulled on them. From “On 3!” we learn the feelings he had bottled up inside for his partner before he mustered up the courage to spit them out and commence their 3 year-long relationships. Renold even has another meaningful song coming out on the 21st of May!

” I’m not here making music to flex on anybody or boast about how better I am to the world, I’m just here to spread light and positivity by being my true authentic self and telling others it’s okay to embrace what makes them, including all the flaws “.

” The only person I’m constantly competing with is myself as I’m constantly pushing to grow into the best version that I can be, both with being an artist and just with being a human being in general “.

A track from Renold always comes with a certain touch that just can’t be duplicated. The delicacy and care for his craft can be picked up on through the production on each track of his while he still gets minor co-production from Moonsidesound. Renold always starts from the ground up to make sure his individuality is also captured through production, as he records his own guitar parts until they are just right for his audience.

A Hip-hop artist like Renold comes around once in a lifetime and deserves a lot more recognition for the potential he has to impact the general views on the entire genre. He is unapologetically himself as he fuses different music styles together in order to encourage those who are listening to be themselves too.

Check out all of the latest releases from Renold on his site: https://renold.bandcamp.com/music





While being raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Reynold Francis Stubblefield was able to pick up on many creative outlets while doused in loners. Visual artistry and skating were his two main outlets until he began producing on FL Studio in the ninth grade. Producing became his main outlet and writing to his own production shortly followed. He now resides in Delaware while he releases music under the name ” Renold “.




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