Yungaly Is up-and-coming

Los Angeles California — Friday, March 20th, 2020 — His performances up and down the East Coast people love his music the way he put words together interest everyone. When Taken some time to talk. Yungaly Told me he was working on a fourth studio album with a line of mixtapes. Yungaly Spoke on the world being able to find his music on the Internet, Spotify worldwide

People say to have new music every day is good for the soul they actually care about find a new artist like yungaly. You can find YUNGALY music in all popular stores online

You can hear people calling his lines( “I’m Killin the wave lines they said it I’m on my grind you sell me all the time press fast for homeless rewind”

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Yungaly was born in Wilmington Delaware he started writing lyrics at age 13 his first performance was that age 15 talent show High School. Being from the gutter Street of Wilmington Delaware he learned how to intake some of the visuals that he has seen around him and make them into great stories. Putting his life in there given facts writing songs from the heart. Turn the Lights low is one of the biggest songs that was released



21 paynter drive Wilmington Delaware 19809

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