Zink: A Change In the Weather

Zink’s “A Change In the Weather” is an eccentric record that’s for fans of the darker side of pop that resides in the clubs of Europe. “In the City (Getting Wet)” is sounds like a mixture of the ’60s and the ’80s. It has this omnipresent sound that’s a little trippy. The same can be said with “A Change In the Weather” as well. The title track kicks off the record and sets the overall tone for the rest of your listening journey with Zink. “The Chambers of Your Heart” is a little more upbeat than the rest and gives you a more dark pop feel. It’s like a goth dance club. That hyper feel can be felt in “The Pull of the Current.” One that’s interesting is the 007 inspired “Zink’s Spy Theme.” It sounds like an old school video game. If you’re into artists like the Eurythmics and Alison Moyet, then you better get on top of your game and check out “A Change In the Weather” by Zink today. (https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/zink2)