2022 EP to watch out for – GENESIS 

Back in the day, scenes were defined by area codes and where the good spots to trade tapes happened to be, but today, it’s all online. Whether you’re making music in the high desert or an urban paradise, your career begins and ends with platforms like TikTok, Soundcloud, and Spotify, and an artist like Vikki Sota knows this. He’s not trying to ball in the streets with old school rhymes in 2021; his new EP Genesis showcases the potential of surreal studio rhythm like no other release its creator has dropped. 

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/vikkisota/?hl=en


TIK TOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@realvikkisota

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this artist in the short time I’ve been listening to his music, it’s that he isn’t about to bite off more than he can chew in a performance for anything. He’s very conservative about his arrangements, and when he does go hard – such as in the single “Swimming” – it doesn’t stretch his creative abilities so thin that we lose sight of the narrative he’s trying to construct. Vikki Sota is someone who wants to take things slow instead of rushing his way off of a cliff, and it’s going to help him grow his fan base exponentially in the years ahead. 

Though the beats in a song like “Run up my Bands” are enough to bring up the energy in a music video all by themselves, there’s no disputing the control that Sota exerts over a track when he’s rapping the way he does. He’s always on top of his game, scarcely showing us anything but an infectious confidence that’s presence has slowly been eroding in the name of a new era in emo rap. There are no tears to cry for this player; he’s about swagger, and that’s something that I only wish I could say about the other creators in his scene. 

I think that while the material Vikki Sota has been recording really does speak for itself in terms of talent and ability, the music videos he’s made speak to the ambitiousness of his craft as it’s developing before our very eyes. Even beside a couple of props, as he is in the video for “Run up my Bands,” it’s never about the surroundings but the attitude my man is providing us from center stage. Time will tell us more about who he’s becoming, but judging from what I’ve seen up until this point I like who this rapper is from top to bottom. 

Keep a solid lookout for Genesis and any new music Sota stamps his name on in the next couple of years and I think you’ll be very pleased with the beats he produces both on his own and in collaboration with what is inevitably to be a bevy of talented players. This new EP is going to establish a lot for Vikki Sota, and all in all, I think that the hype it’s been getting well before its release says something about the kind of expectations people already have for this young, profoundly gifted musician. 

 Zachary Rush