3YRD Release Brand New Single “Detonate” 

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Los Angeles, California – April 18, 2020 – Chilled to perfection, 3YRD’s latest single “Detonate” blends fresh hip hop vibes with smooth beats that result in one of the slickest tracks of 2020. 

“Detonate” is the latest single from the hip hop trio known as 3YRD. Stretching the genre of hip hop in ways that allow it to be more than just the expected, 3YRD’s latest adds to their ever-growing discography that showcases their modern take on beats, rhythm, and rhymes. For fans of everyone from Post Malone to Suicide Boys, “Detonate” hits all the marks of a great mainstream hip hop track destined to take over the airwaves. 

When it comes to their approach, diversity is key. Never the kind to stay stagnant and deliver the same dish, everything they drop is a new meal to consume. 2020 has already seen the release of their 11-track LP ‘I Do,” which featured a myriad of audible addictions from “Wine and Dine” to “Way Back Home” to “Flip the Script.” Now they’re at it again with a brand new single, “Detonate.” 

Together 3YRD is a dynamic hip hop trio with Louvis, Tone, and Bmo each bringing something unique to the table. Louvis grew up loving two things, music and baseball. The latter almost led him to MLB draft but he opted for college instead, which is where he met the former shy kid turned acapella lover, Tone. Their shared love of music led them to Los Angeles where they met the final piece of their puzzle, Bmo. With everything falling into place and clicking at the moment – 3YRD was born. Each brought their sense of self to the group without overshadowing one another’s shine, they each raised one another and it shows in the overall, pristine music they have already shared with the world. 

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For more information on 3YRD, please visit: https://3yrdmusic.com 


If you asked who 3YRD is and what kind of music they create, you may get some different answers. Although the majority of their songs stay within the hip hop realm, Louvis, Tone, and Bmo each bring their unique voices to the table as they try to stretch the boundaries of genres by using uncommon, cultural instruments to help bring their projects into a new-age life. Each project gives different feelings or emotions as they try to reflect the randomness of day to day life. 3YRD is a group of dedicated best friends that are fully committed to evolving, growing, and nurturing their music to help provide their fans something they can either sing, jump, dance, or even mosh to.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7CxiwfkRTT9cPOeuaqFbuk 


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