SS Writum Preaching Good Faith While Showcasing His MC Skills

SS Writum Preaching Good Faith While Showcasing His MC SkillsAs an MC that openly describes himself as a religious person whom has strong faith in Jesus, SS Writum has begun to face an upward battle in trying to make it in the game and grow his career. Religion is unfortunately a taboo topic among rappers. As rap has gone through many phases, the current state of rap is slanging rhymes about sex, money and drugs, so an MC that links himself with religious beliefs (beyond a couple religious name drops) might find it difficult appealing to a wider audience or getting radio time. SS Writum from Shreveport, LA grew up like most MC’S by being involved in the street life. As he got deeper into a dangerous life he began to realize that it wasn’t the life for him and started his musical career.

Fortunately, religion is just a backdrop to his MC skills and inviting production. Hip-Hop saved him and he continuously gives back to his life saver. When listening to SS you will never feel as if you’re in church but rather listening to a passionate rapper who deeply cares about the beloved hip-hop. He definitely brings thought provoking subjects on songs like “Vampires and Zombies.” Through out the song he explores racism and classification. Using the analogy of Zombies and Vampires. In the song Zombies have a different meaning-we’re all the same, flesh and blood regardless of race or class. Vampires are the evil humans whom tend to gravitate towards racism, classification, and general negativity. The out spoken song is a perfect example of what SS is hoping to bring to the game.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him soon. From now visit his music page