Sean Marie

Sean MarieRefreshing, amazing vocal talent from an underground artist. The clipping drums and awkward sounding guitar strums only make the vocals sound that much more miraculous. Marie is seriously pitch-perfect in what is obviously home-demos, and she sounds like a grown woman though I’m sure she is a kid. This is truly the power of God, allowing people to break boundaries and concepts. Think of a Christian Michelle Branch sounding singer and you will not be far off from the sound Sean Marie has crafted. She also channels a bit of Van Morrison and some older folk artists.

“You Are Not Broken” is an uplifting ballad, with a positive message coming through it’s gritty demo sound. “Mother” is an acoustic track, showcasing the strong heartfelt vocals of Ms. Marie, and giving away family details for listeners to relate to.

These bedroom demos of Sean Marie have a haunting authenticity and simple beauty. The melodies she crafts call to mind the Rolling Stones, The Sundays, and more Michelle Branch. The track “Dance in the Rain” is a beautifully lo-fi country pop song about being content and in love with music.

Sean Marie’s music drips with spiritual strength and the amazing vocals cut through the demo mixes with a touching power.