Dusty and the LoveNotes

Dusty and the LoveNotesA female Neil Young, with a country, classic rock/folk feel. “Lead A Horse” puts a not-too dazzling spin on an old saying and “Honey it’s up to you, you’re gonna sink or swim” pretty much sums up the concept. The recording of their latest album though is pro, and you can hear the “experience” in all the musicians. By that I mean they are not amateurs, teenagers, or in their 20’s anymore (or 30’s?). There is a pretty heavy country vibe to this track, with a fiddle trading lines with a sliding guitar lead.

“Dusty” is the female vocalist in the band, and I’m assuming she is the chief songwriter. This is pop/country underground bar music. The recording is superb, with spot-on tambourines, drums, perfectly mixed vocals and harmonies. The line-dancing vibe is not going to win any new fans or cross any genre lines, but fans blues-ish country songwriting will be entertained.

The band is incredibly strong and pro, laying the twang on pretty thick, and bouncing bass lines on home in perfect time. The singing isn’t “American Idol” in fashion, it is a more folky, storytelling kind of approach, akin to the before mentioned Neil Young, but definitely with a dose of female country.