70s Influenced Hard Rock Music for Revolutionary Times – Resurgent Rock Duo The Lürxx Stuns with New Music

Relaunching after a 25-year hiatus with two fascinating new releases – ‘Music for the Planet’ and ‘Jellyfish Moon,’ The Lürxx are creating new pathways

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom — October 10th, 2022 – Inspiring positivity and a greater sense of awareness regarding societal issues, The Lürxx has unveiled two new releases in August 2022- an album “Music for the Planet” and an EP “Jellyfish Moon.” With a mission to reimagine the intricate relationship between humanity and nature through an anti-speciesist lens, the talented artists build a unique creative presence.

With thought-provoking tracks, the band hope to change the way people think, catalyzing the mind-shift needed to save the planet. A nucleus of two seasoned artists, The Lürxx includes the genius of Xavi & Sabú, who have been together as a couple and making music together since they were 13.

Following their immigration to Hollywood as illegal immigrants in 1996 at 18 years of age, the duo had to spend time on the streets, on Sunset Strip, trying to “make it,” playing in the West Hollywood club scene (including at Coconut Teaszer, Roxy, and Troubadour).

The Lürxx’s new drop features original 90s drummer Joe Prozac on the album “Music for the Planet,” recorded in his hometown, Liverpool. Liverpool is also the city where Xavi and Sabú started their musical journey as Beatles fanatics back in 1989.

Energizing audiences with a sense of hope, energy, and passion, The Lürxx put on show complex songwriting, underscored by a chilled-out rhythm and groove. Devoted advocates for climate and nature, they present unusual lyrics, focusing on issues like eel migration, evolution, and anti-speciesism. Pushing genre boundaries and experimenting, the duo’s distinctive blends feature various instrument combinations, including guitar, recorder, and drums.

“We believe in the transformative power of art, in the power of music to move the soul and change the way people think. Currently, we are working on new material for our next album ‘Second Chancers,’” say the artists.

Stream The Lürxx’s gripping and momentous new tracks on their official music streaming platforms! Join the artists and reimagine the human relationship with the rest of nature to fight for a better world.



An anti-speciesist hard rock band with roots in mid-90s Hollywood, The Lürxx is a nucleus of two phenomenal artists, Xavi and Sabú. A gender non-conforming couple, the artists have been together and making music together since they were thirteen.

In 2000, the artists felt that they needed different input and decided to return to school and study Classics. Vocalist and guitarist Xavi then went on to study environmental sciences and is now working with a focus on integrating the arts into the climate crisis discourse, enabling people to connect with nature more deeply. Meanwhile, Sabú is currently studying for a master’s degree in Ancient Worlds at the University of Edinburgh. Xavi is late-diagnosed with dyspraxia and ADHD, and Sabú beat severe depression- as a result, neurodiversity and mental health are also themes feeding into their art. In 2020, now based in the UK, Xavi and Sabú got the band back together and are ready to take on the world!


The Lürxx
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