A Buffet of Talent with New Vintage Artists

new vintage artists reviewNew Vintage Artists is a collection of musicians with a massive amounts of talent. First on the deck is Mae McAleavy with “Lost World.” She has a Paula Cole, Lilith Fair vibe going on. You could hear her belting out some Alanis and doing it well. As for Justin Kolas and his “Life is Good.” He ups up the mood with the light pluck of his strings. It has a Jason Mraz feel to it. We move on to “Sand in the Glass” by Mark Cabunoc. What’s great about New Vintage Artists is that no two are alike. Here Mark has a more power pop sound like Ryan Adams. Then we go for a worldly sound thanks to the Spanish flare of Kitty Garden’s “Quero Ir.” Lyrically, I wasn’t sure of the message, but musically I got laid back and modern. Coyote Club’s “New Demand” has a funky feel that would play well in a upscale bar setting in a downtown area. With Hoytus’ “Happy” you can immediately envision people gathering and holding hands in unison and smiling. That was well, a happy go lucky tune, while Austin Hill’s “Eyes On Me” slows the vibe of this musical excursion down. Then Narayan from Zion’s “Life is Amazing” continues to keep that pace but on a more new age scale. Lastly “Calling Out” by Mingo Lewis gives us that New Age aroma like the last thanks to the use of wind instruments throughout. The best thing about visiting New Vintage Artists is that there is something for everyone – from pop to New Age, from laid back feel good vibes to Spanish flare. So if you’re in the need for variety, check out all New Vintage Artists have to offer now. (https://newvintageartists.com/)