Seconds Before Landing (2)

Seconds Before Landing – Seconds Before Landing 2

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Seconds Before Landing is: John Crispino (core member, singer, writer, drummer). Other collaborators include Trey Gunn and John Palumbo from progressive rock group Crack The Sky. J.D Garrison on bass, Steve Schuffert on lead guitar, Maurice Witkowski on acoustic guitar, and Jamie Peck on piano and horns and with Vanessa Campagna & Carrie Marie Jackson on backing vocals. S.B.L. 2 was mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee, and Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson.

We’ve all watched musical trends and rock artists wind through their fair share of the nine lives that often accompany the personnel-shuffling lo-fi garage-rock world. I find it interesting how music from the 50’s when compared to pop from the 80’s and 90’s may sound different but it all has the same component. The artists at the focal point must be good all-around entertainers not relying too heavily on one skill set mind you. Paula Abdul is a perfect example, when in her prime was at best an average singer but had an above average look and an impeccable knowledge of choreography. It all balances out I guess. Unfortunately much of his carries over Independent music as everyone and their mom can now release a new CD to be cherished by a few loved ones and some close acquaintances. Much of it is to do about nothing. So it’s no surprise that there’s a veteran artist named John Crispino with his musical project called Seconds Before Landing that just released his follow-up release entitled appropriately enough “Seconds Before Landing 2.” At first glance you might expect this is just another overly Progressive math rock statement from a super geeks behind a PC trying to be dark right? Guess again! From the opening lines of “Big Train” and “Hey Dad” to the resolved close of “What Chu Du” this is an unleashed whirlwind of musical insanity – in a somewhat controlled setting. This is controlled chaos. It’s also an instantly likeable collection of 11 tracks offering the best that Independent Alternate Hard Rock has to offer. What I like the most about Crispino is how they are largely uncomplicated, without the sticky-catchy gimmicks of a Electro-Rock that sounds like a bold font stuck in your face. On “Seconds Before Landing 2” the vocals from Crispino are not an over the top testimony either, but rather a well executed, conservative staple that is modest and well packaged. The more I listened to this CD the more it feels as if Seconds Before Landing is one of those yet to be discovered “under the radar” type powerhouse artists.

Of course I remember the days where King Crimson, How to Destroy Angels, SONOIO, Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry filled the airwaves.  A flashy piece of music may be is worth a thousand words, but a good song can say volumes more. Much of this is in stark contrast to Seconds Before Landing with its crisp neo-progressive rock sound he and his counterparts bring. It’ may be true that the prog-rock legions especially along the East Coast and where I live in New York may be forming a new type of musical revolution. Almost a Pop backlash if you will. Who cares about flashy pop anyway and it’s house of cards. Like the sugar rush of any power pop song sometimes their dedication to the aesthetic loses its flavor in the end. Seconds Before Landing may have a hint of Electronic-Rock but is a polar opposite to the aforementioned nonsense and Crispino’s latest release “Seconds Before Landing 2” gets a huge thumbs up from me.

These are my favorite songs: Hey Dad, Silent Bird, My Perfect Girl, Enoch.

When one buys an unpredictable prog-rock CD, they don’t want marketability, flashiness or even rebellion. They want a genius like John Crispino to color outside the lines a bit, breaking some rules along the way. Having said that “Seconds Before Landing 2” sits alone is in a class by itself.


Jamie Rutherford. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.