Hit the Road with Jeff Road

Jeff Road ReviewJeff Road is a purist when it comes to music. It’s him and his guitar as he takes on the singer-songwriter genre with a gift for taking on the soul of the song and exposing it to his listeners. “I’m Coming Home” is a bare bones gem. There’s only a man and his musical weapon out there on the road and what I like about this particular version is that it’s raw and human. It’s not done up in a studio and edited, and that showcases the natural ability of what he can do vocally even more. In “Come Ride with Me” he polishes it out a bit but there’s still a humanity to it thanks to the story being told through song. To end this trio of tracks we have “Under a Beautiful Sky.” Here Jeff sounds a bit demure and fragile at the start. I think that’s a natural state when singing about the idea of love. Admitting those emotions does make one fragile a bit. If you like singer-songwriters that rely on the skillset they were born with and not on the high tech ways of machinery, then check out Jeff Road today. (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJeffRoadProject/videos)