Missionary Marjorie Mclntosh the Rising Star: Live Right

Missionary Marjorie Mclntosh the Rising Star ReviewOne part reggae, one part gospel and that’s Missionary Marjorie Mclntosh the Rising Star’s “Live Right.” It’s an interesting mix that comes through well. The best part about starting a record with a song like “Stronger” is that it really sets you up for a good time. For most, we have no clue that reggae gospel music is a thing, but what this track teaches us from the get go is that you can have a very lively time while you worship. When you get to “I’ve Proven Christ,” it doesn’t feel like it’s from the tropics but more from Latin America. It has a very Spanish feel to it from the music to the vocal delivery. We’re back to the island as we roll into “I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan.” Again, the best part about Missionary Marjorie is that she combines two genres that not many know have found one another…ever. So if you’re a believer and but also love that reggae flare, you’re in luck because her “Live Right” is just right for you. So pick it up and check it out because it’s out now. (https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/missionarymajoriemclntos)