Pavlina Releases New Captivating Single “Together” 

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Melbourne, Australia – May 13, 2020 – Singer, artist, and actor Pavlina is proud to present the latest stop on her vocal journey; her latest single “Together.” 

“Together” showcases the harmonious marriage between Pavlina’s vocals and the musical arrangements which act as the foundation for her latest single. Comforting and wholesome throughout, “Together” is like a warm embrace put to song. Each track she brings to life delivers new energy. With “Together” it’s calm, while songs like “One Day I Wish” present listeners with the opportunity to move their bodies effortlessly. “Put Your Body Next to Mine” does the same, but with a more electronic feel. 

“Our body, soul, and heart know the truth. It is our mind that is fooled so easily and drawn into the negative. It is our responsibility to seek the best guidance in helping ourselves and it is up to us, to acknowledge what is having a negative effect on our life, our body, and our minds. The energy we feed, we grow. We give life to. We are responsible for what we give attention to. What we feed our minds.”

Sparked by the end of her second marriage, Pavlina started penning lyrics before she knew anything about how to craft them into songs. Soon after she wanted to give her words more weight so she sought out a producer and all of a sudden, the music started to flow out of her like she’d been doing it her entire life. She didn’t have much to her name at the time. With only a couple hundred dollars entering her account weekly, she worked endlessly on her iPad to create what she has thus far. A true sign of drive, passion, and ingenuity. 

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Pavlina Itter presents her latest single, “Together,” out now. 

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