Experiment with Ahnshsom

Ahnshsom ReviewIn the world of electronic sits Ahnshsom. He’s got that tied in with experimental and it’s downright, well…interesting. “Alter Ego” sounds like something you’d hear in an European dance club at 2am. The music makes you move but then it has this sinister voice that comes across a little strange to those not into house music. No voices come out to play in “Starcrossed Lover,” just a beat that doesn’t quit. We head back into the experimental side of things with “Evenings…into night.” Then something weird happens with “Gas Mask.” It’s unlike the rest as it’s not that electronic based but has a more modern rock feel to me. I felt as if it could’ve the instrumental to a Weezer song. You’d think that was a random occurrence but then “Lonesome Romance” does the same but has a bit of experimentation with an indie flare. It’s clear that when Ahnshsom goes into making a song, he doesn’t have a genre in mind – he goes with what feels natural to him and just lets the music escape him. If you like musical risk takers, check out Ahnshsom ASAP.