Losing Yourself to Profound, Passionate, and Poignant Blues: VLURA Drops Soulful New Single “My Cry”

A heartfelt emotional ride, “My Cry” takes listeners through a beautiful journey of ups and downs, and highs and lows

Albemarle, NC — July 7th, 2022 – A skilled singer-songwriter who is making an impactful break into the Blues genre, VLURA is here to stay. With her newest single “My Cry” already creating much noise, the talented artist hopes to enchant audiences with music that is real, honest, and full of lyricism that tugs at heart strings.

Hailing from a small town called McCormick in South Carolina, VLURA’s music depicts a warm, loving, and tender musical journey. Cognizant of the value of good morals and the need for kindness in today’s troubled world, the promising artist wishes to help others and light the way forward with her talents.

Having released on July 4th, 2022, “My Cry” is an ode to helping others and earnestly believing in being truthful and honest and respect oneself and others. Offering gratitude in line with her musical ethos, VLURA remains thankful to Derrick Acker, owner of Audio Centrix, who believed in her work and had unyielding confidence in the power of her “beautiful, strong voice”. It was with Derrick Acker, that the artist walked step by step to a site where she could purchase her beats and every since, has been engrossed in writing song after song.

She also remains thankful to her cousins and family including: Tanya Franklin,Torsha Franklin, Kristy Franklin, Lisa Parks, Lisa Quarles, Ricky Yeldell, Charlene Anderson and Zack Woolridge, all of whom were continuously helpful and provided feedback to help improve her music. VLURA also counts her late mother, Laura Franklin amongst her biggest supporters, who always reminded her that “she was meant to be a star”, and her children, Jasmine Franklin, T’Kyle Williams, Somahje Porter and Promise Porter, who always motivated her to better herself and her music.

“My music comes from my heart and (smiles) some comes from what I hear my cousins talk about themselves. Help others, don’t judge the anyone. Respect yourself and others!” says the artist regarding her music.

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A gripping and capable singer-songwriter, VLURA has been curating song hooks in the past for rappers like Closed Casket and Pidarow from Charlotte, North Carolina. The Albemarle-based artist was always surrounded by thoughts of writing but could not succeed in her ventures at first. However, after praying night after night for more than 6 months, she began independently writing song after song, ushering herself into a world of endless opportunities.

Guided by the message that one must always respect oneself and others and that God is the only entity that can judge people in this world, VLURA remains committed to creating thoughtful musical pieces.


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