Mr.zay Croons His Way Up

mr-zay-reviewYou don’t hear about a lot of R&B crooners coming out of Ohio. That is until now thanks to Mr.zay. “It Feels Good” starts out nice and never stops being that way. It’s got this sweetness to it that’ll make listeners smile in an instant. “What Would Happen” slows things down compared to “It Feels Good.” The vocals are still on point, but this one’s not as upbeat and airy as the last. “One Soul” will remind audiences of R&B that came from the likes of Babyface; smooth but ready for the mainstream. It’s not this overbearing sense of soul, but just enough to make the music sail easily from one end to the other. “Try to Love Again” picks things back up. This is more of a fun atmosphere in this one. It gets a little serious with “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.” It’s a serious conversation topic made easier when put to song. Mr.zay is recommended for those who like everyone from Brian McKnight to Ne-Yo. (