Futcha Steele Steals the Edge

futcha-steele-reviewFutcha Steele is one of Brooklyn’s finest in the rhythm and blues category. Discover him before it’s too late!” No Lies” is a great song because the harmonies really carry the song and make it have layers. “Bye Bye” is a song in which the energy is pumped up just a bit while; “Show Me How to Love You” takes things back to a nice and slow pace. “I’ll Never Let Go” would be the perfect song for a wedding — especially the first dance. It’s clear in the title and the reoccurring line in song that it’d be perfect for that first embrace as lifetime partners. The whole time Futcha Steele has had his own style, but you can’t help but hear and compare him to R. Kelly’s smoothness in “Shifting in the Atmosphere.” If you’re into R&B like that, then you have to do yourself a favor and check out Futcha Steele.