Kiaya: Beyond The Moon

kiaya-beyond-the-moon-reviewKiaya’s “Beyond The Moon” is trying to pick up where alternative artists like Alanis left off in the ’90s. “First One in Your Heart” sounds like a girl in a coffee shop in a 90’s movie about generation x. She’s hurt, she’s a little moody but she channels all that into song and it comes out as this vulnerable tune. She turns it up an itty bitty bit in the delivery with “Fight The Fear.” Her vocals come across stronger as if they’re braver and more confident in what they’re saying. She goes back to that demure mindset with “~To Be Made Up~.” The music in “A World Between Your Fingers” is more upbeat than you’ll hear on the rest of the record, but the vocals give it that alternative feel. If you’re into artists like Liz Phair and Alanis, then check out Kiaya’s “Beyond The Moon,” out now. (