James-Bobby: Smooth Edges

James-Bobby-reviewJames-Bobby doesn’t communicate with words and he doesn’t have to. His album “Smooth Edges” speaks volumes about who he is with just beats, instruments and sound. “A Time of Leasure” is a happy-go-lucky beat that’s likely to lend itself to a good mood while “Game Day” approaches that big game in a manner that’s more about grooving onto the field instead of running out with a force. If a team were to ever use this song to come out to, they’d add a bit of funk to their appeal. Then you have “Lamp Light” which starts off slow and you wait for it to build. The anticipation of what could be almost makes the song even better. You get something magical with “Stream Cut.” It’s like this metropolitan meets fairy tale sound that’s actually really cool and different. “Once Upon A Time” should look into this one. Is that show even set in a big city? Either way, they should. James-Bobby’s “Smooth Edges” takes leaps and lands on sturdy on its feet in the field of instrumentals. (https://soundcloud.com/james-bobby)