Julian Myers Rocks Out Hard

julian-myers-reviewJulian Myers is a rock artist who makes killer tracks that allow for a whole lot of head banging and even some intimacy. “Sonic Flare” kicks things in high gear from the start. It’s got this edgy rock feel that continues on and on. You can feel the every chords come through your body and the changes within really give the song a sense of dimension. “Time Left Alone” starts off almost sensual. That’s different for a rock song. Then it never lets up and you’re left with this intimate yet alternative piece. “Absolution” is a full on instrumental that allows listeners to get their work out on…well in the neck region…to the continuous head bobbing they’ll be doing to it. Like “Sonic Flare” the varying changes give it a dynamic feel. If you’re into rock music and don’t need the lyrics clouding it up, check out Julian Myers. (https://www.facebook.com/Jmuisccc)

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  • Julien – you’re smokin!!!!! Congrats buddy – it has a great feel!!!!

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