ThisIs4U-Music Keeps It In The Family

ThisIs4U-Music is a songwriting duo made up of QueenE and Bri, a mother-daughter pair. They’ve been doing their thing together since the early ’90s and do it with style and grace. “The Life of a Slum Child” is a song that tells a sad tale about the title character. It’s this very R&B, soulful storytelling that could be an Oprah special. “The Word” is more a song than a story than the last one and showcases off the vocals a lot more. Those other two songs were a bit slower but “Let’s Sing” lifts the spirits with its pep. Then it’s time to give thanks for “Thanksgiving.” You’d think that it’d be this softer song about the holiday, but it actually passes with some sass. If you like music that’s got soul and is chalked full of vocal abilities, check out ThisIs4U-Music. (

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  • Nice music.

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