A Collaboration For the Ages – Lori Cole, Art Hughes, Bobby Schiff and Steve Salka Dazzle in Latest Single Titled ‘Shipwreck’

The dynamic trio of Lori Cole, Art Hughes and Bobby Schiff take their artistry to the next level with this bewitching release.

Durango, Colorado — ‘Shipwreck’ is the latest single, released on February 1st, 2022, by the dynamic trio of Lori Cole, Art Hughes and Bobby Schiff is already making waves in the music industry today. Art Hughes is a skilled pianist; Bobby Schiff is a master of music arrangement and Cole has been a prodigy since the age of 19 in singing career. Their skills with the piano, and her experience with experimenting and exploring various genres have led to ‘Shipwreck’ being a remarkable fusion of classical music, jazz, and blues.

‘Shipwreck’ is a song that sweeps in with a magical aura, enchanting listeners before the very first word is even uttered, Lori Cole and Bobby Schiff create an atmosphere of catharsis and serenity, as listeners find themselves losing track of time to the chiming and glistening of pianos in the distance. There is a subtle yet moving groove about the warm orchestration – which somehow also makes the sound most fitting for the stage of a concert. Lori Cole’s lyricism is unparalleled – she manages to paint a vivid picture of hope and light in the darkest setting, while also inspiring confidence within people looking to better their own future. Every note is inspired and every word Lori Cole utters is a testament to the beautiful control she has on her instrument. Her gorgeous tune and fine vibrato soars across the horizon and every fan is just left awestruck.

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As the daughter of Shirley Bell, Radio’s original Little Orphan Annie it is no surprise that Lori Cole came to her singing talent naturally. Lori’s career began at the age of 19 when she started singing radio and television commercials in the busy advertising community of Chicago.

Lori had the good fortune of learning her craft with some of the finest musicians and singers the industry had to offer. She had a twenty plus year career singing jingles for such products as McDonalds, La Choy, United Airlines, KFC, Juicy Fruit Gum and The Incredible Edible Egg along with many, many more.

She currently resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband Steve who is a retired US Navy Commander and Electronics Engineer; He continues to be the visual force behind Manifest creating our videos. cover art as well as our new website (loricole.com).

Art Hughes grew up in the 60s in the Washington, DC area. He is a natural musician and was classically trained in piano taking the guitar as his second instrument. Since he was very young, he has performed solo and with ensembles at many venues in the DC area including the Kennedy Center.

Art is also a Physicist and a Chief Scientist for an Aerospace Defense contractor. He has worked all over the world, including many 3rd world countries, and brings a unique perspective to music composition based upon a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual development.

Art currently resides high in the mountains of Colorado with his artist wife and 3 Australian Shepherds.

Since getting together as Manifest, Lori, Art, Bobby and Steve have had the joy of combining their considerable talents to create a distinctive style to the music they love.


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