A Good Start for Catalin Dinu

Catalin Dinu ReviewCatalin Dinu has a ways to go but has a good base. “Please Be Kind” has a good beat and a slow delivery when it comes to the lyrics. It’s like a PSA for an old Blockbuster or something. The music is what stands out here and has a very new wave, yet relaxed feel. The music brings a very dramatic feel to “Just Another Movie.” You can hear the progression as a songwriter here because the song feels more well rounded lyrically. Things keep progressing as we get to “Left Behind.” Instead of that talking monologue vibe that the other two had going on, here Catalin Dinu is actually singing with some melody. Then as we reach the end, “Shine” is the cap on the whole lot. The music and melody match up better than the rest but Dinu still has a ways to go to grow into his full potential. If you’re looking for a chilled pop artist, check out Catalin Dinu today and grow with him. (https://soundcloud.com/catalin-dinu-10)