A Heartfelt and Invigorating Ode for the Souls Burdened with Grief: James McDowell Releases New Single

“I’m Sorry For Your Loss” is a somber track that relays deep empathy for those who have lost loved ones in baffling circumstances.

Baltimore, MD — March 14th, 2022- James McDowell is an aspiring new artist who is known for releasing music that is close to the heart. The eclectic artist is known for capturing beautiful sentiments in all-encompassing tunes that relay both sincerity of emotions and depth of character.

Recently, McDowell released a single featuring Justina Beth-El Johnson titled “I’m Sorry for Your Loss” that is inspired by the loss of lives during COVID 19 pandemic but is certainly applicable to other situations in which one loses loved ones such as in tragic accidents, cancer, and war.

The rising star constructs this touching composition to encourage and express our deepest sympathy to those that are going through an immensely difficult time. The song’s video was produced by Nixfilms (Baltimore) and is available on YouTube while the music was recorded at Omni1Productions.com. The new single is a small extension of love and friendship towards pretty much anyone who has lost someone close, a mother, a close friend, or an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. The melody and lyrics are composed in hope to bring a bit of consolation and alleviate unbearable burdens.

James routinely says: “People are just trying to find something in life to give them comfort, joy, happiness, and hope. We need more positive messages in this world today! I want my music to promote a change for the better!” These sentiments are also reflected in his composition.

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Being an artist who loves to take inspiration from his surroundings, James McDowell was particularly moved by the devastating loss of lives during COVID 19. The aspiring musician felt the overwhelming effects of this pandemic particularly because he is no stranger to astronomical losses.

Years ago he lost his vision and also devastatingly lost his wife and as well as close family members. Fighting these mounting challenges inculcated a strong sense of understanding in the artist in a way in which he truly realizes the pain of those that are going through something similar right now.

The musician believes that the lives that are taken from us in sudden and shocking ways leave behind unique scars that are only seldom understandable. It is only through music that some sense of acknowledgment can be built. Through his new single McDowell wishes to encompass these saddened souls in an all-encompassing, loving embrace to help show camaraderie in difficult times.


James McDowell featuring Justina Beth-El Johnson
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