A Magnetizing Force in Pop and Country Music: DMV’s Eclectic Talent “Last of the 80’s” Unveils New Single

Fredericksburg, Virginia – November 12th, 2021- A dynamic and versatile artist who is driven to alter the fabric of Pop and Country, DMV’s brightest talent, Last of the 80’s is sending ripples in the music world. Characterized by soulful and sensory vocals, embedded seamlessly within catchy and memorable rhythms, Last of the 80’s blends together Pop and Country genres.

The intriguing new single, “Top Down” is bound to pin promising singer-songwriter, Raphael Amey, better known by his artistic identity Amey, on the map of the genre, and fully channel all that he stands for. Amey’s musical inspirations, stemming from the work of legends of Rap and Rock, such as Lil Wayne and Blink 182, weave together witty lyricism and immersive song writing.

“Top Down” adds onto a captivating discography, which includes the artist’s stunning debut album, “Album 1989”, which released in 2020, and helped lay the roots of Amey’s expressive artistry.

Born in the Virgin Islands, Raphael Amey grew up in northern Virginia, and was always taken by a love of diverse genres of music. Appreciative of the way different musical styles influence listeners to discover their own life tangents, Last of the 80’s curates pertinent themes, such as coming of age, life, love, losses, and maturing.

Shining the spotlight on undiscovered and untapped local talent, Last of the 80s has risen to become the authentic voice of the DMV area, uplifting artists of all backgrounds and genres to self-actualize and express their musical brilliance through the Last of the 80s umbrella.

“My music shows my sense of humor and it also shows me having fun!” says Last of the 80’s front man regarding his musical voyage.

Check out Last of the 80’s stirring new single “Top Down” on YouTube and on all official music platforms. For interviews, reviews and collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist via email.



Channeling his unique humor and expressive lyricism through personal and memorable compositions, Richard Amey aims to build his fan base, starting from the DMV area. Under the identity of ‘Last of the 80’s’, the talented artist is set to take listeners by surprise, performing live at local shows and then gradually growing to other states.

Born in St. Thomas Virgin Islands in 1989, the brains behind the Last of the 80s, moved to Springfield, Virginia in 1998. A seasoned talent, the artist went on to sign his first professional contract in 2013 with the Montreal Alouettes. However, after having to face the pressures of leaving his professional football plans- his life-long passion- the artist struggled greatly with depression and addiction to alcohol, receiving his first DUI in 2015, followed by his second in 2019, for which he faced incarceration. It was during this desperate time of contemplation that Amey began writing music, coming up with name and vision of “Last of the 80s”- a vibrant and refreshing new movement in music.


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