A Moving Reflection of Racial Profiling and Injustices – R&B Artist Kerry W Clancy Sparks Awareness with Powerful Single

With his gripping new record, ‘A Cop Just Shot Me,’ independent singer-songwriter Kerry W Clancy is shedding light on the bitter realities of America’s policing culture

Indianapolis, Indiana — Raising awareness amongst the masses to spur conscious decision-making, Kerry W Clancy is doing more than just making music. With his gifted and skilled penmanship and composition, Clancy hopes to bring attention towards draconian policies that are enforced within discriminatory establishments.

Through his enlightening and striking single, “A Cop Just Shot Me,” the artist highlights the brutalities and violence perpetrated by a prejudicial policing system. An independent and solo recording artist, Kerry has swiftly made a name in the R&B scene with his thought-provoking and touching singles.

Having originally dropped in 2019, “A Cop Just Shot Me” draws listeners focus on the ways the police is involved in falsifying evidence and forcing conviction, be it true or false. With his unique and striking style, Kerry hopes to start a powerful conversation and get his message to as many listeners as possible.

Beginning a movement one conversation at a time, Kerry W Clancy emanates an originality and brutal authenticity which the genre has been needing for quite some time. Taking listeners through a journey which depicts the heart-rending realities of modern society, as well as flickering the flame of hope and quest for justice tomorrow.

The new song emphasizes the importance of speaking out against injustice and indicates the prospects of change only if everyone unites in speaking out against social injustice. It is a heartfelt demonstration of fluid flow, resonant songwriting, and enjoyable rhythms.

Kerry W. Clancy’s music is renowned for covering a wide range of topics, from social issues to life stories of love and passion, and even festival storylines and moods. Kerry W. Clancy never shies away from social critiques.

Kerry’s music brings more clarity towards the social inequity that exists within the United States and the new song is bound to provoke discussion between fans of the genre.

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Hailing from Ft. Wayne in Indiana, Kerry W Clancy is a truly dynamic and passionate R&B singer, songwriter, and artist. Kerry Clancy attended the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he was also a member of the fraternity, Kappa ALPHA PSI.

A father of 2 kids, Kerry W Clancy is also a Vietnam war veteran, and has worked in IPS school district, giving back to society through his selfless ventures. Undeterred from his learning disability, Kerry hopes to inspire people with his musical compositions. Kerry’s driving inspiration remains leaving a peerless legacy for his family. Working independently without any band or assisted acts, Kerry is devoted to his craft and his other roles in life as a father and grandfather.


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