A Musician with a Heartfelt Passion for Americana and Roots- Carlo Grimelli Presents “Oh My Darling”

A new single that is both engaging, emotion-fueled, and spirited, Carlos Grimelli’s newest drop exemplifies his exceptional sound and inventive art

Dais IL, IL —October 29th, 2023 – Carlo Grimelli is a talented and remarkable musician with a passion for creating unique and iconic compositions in the spirit of Americana and Roots. Hailing from Illinois, Carlo, also known as carloacousticman, has been on a musical journey that spans over 40 years.

On a journey towards perfection, Carlo Grimelli continues to curate, improve, and craft an originall sound through each single. The eclectic artist’s most recent release, “Oh My Darling,” underscores his dedication to the craft of making good music.

Delivering truly intimate performances, Carlos engages with his audience, weaving a unique connection with his audiences. The audience becomes a part of the show, sharing in the music and leaving with a sense of having contributed to the experience.

However, what motivates Carlo to create music mostly is his internal impetus, and a thirst to create music that goes beyond rigid genre-fixated boundaries for people of all ages.

Crafting a journey that transports listeners to another realm, Grimelli’s music is rooted within one ultimate goal- simple yet profound- making every listener happier and fulfilled after they experience the power of his music and performance.

For audiences who wish to fully experience the genuine, unadulterated, and raw essence of Americana and Roots music, Carlo Grimelli is the artist to follow. His newest release, “Oh My Darling,” exemplifies his unyielding commitment to creating a sound that resonates with authenticity.

With “Oh My Darling,” Carlo intends to evoke emotions, spread joy, and leave his listeners with a feeling of greatness. The stirring album offers a glimpse into Carlo’s musical world, where authenticity and heartfelt artistry take center stage.

Visit Carlos Grimelli’s official website to discover the artist’s original Americana and roots rhythms. More than just an album, “Oh My Darling” takes listeners through an experience that encapsulates the spirit of music. Be part of this musical voyage and let Carlo’s heartfelt music sweep you off your feet. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out at [email protected].



Carlo Grimelli, the gifted musician known as carloacousticman, has unveiled his latest creation, the soul-stirring album “Oh My Darling.” With a passion for Americana and roots music that spans over 40 years, the enigmatic artist brings forth a wealth of experience, reflecting a great connection to his craft.

His penchant for alternative tunings shines in every track, giving each song a distinctive quality. With a mix of Americana and roots influences, “Oh My Darling” is a musical journey that transcends traditional genres, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Carlo’s sound. The motivation behind Carlo’s music is deeply personal, it echoes an internal drive that compels him to create, share, and connect with his audience.


Name: carlo grimelli
Address: 572 Baintree Rd, Davis, IL, Davis, Dais IL, IL
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 16309888441


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