A Rich, Dynamic, and Electrifying New Face of Rock – Mark Farias Ignites the Rock Scene with “Octane Junkies”

Rock music takes a bold turn as Mark Farias unleashes his latest- “Octane Junkies,” combining classic vibes with new age rock across five explosive tracks

Lompoc, California —Mark Farias presents an inventive new album which kicks off with “Devil on Her Tongue,” a track that sets the tone with its gripping narrative and pulsating rhythms.

Following up with the gritty “Stone Foot Rooster,” Farias takes listeners on a wild ride through sonic landscapes that both challenge and satisfy the rock soul. His single, “Lights Out” offers a darker, more introspective take, while the track “Velvet Chainsaw” merges sharp lyrics with an irresistibly rough sound that captures the essence of rock’s rebellious spirit.

The record’s closing track, “No One Gets out Alive,” also embodies its theme of fierce life, authenticity, and the inevitable end, leaving a lasting impression of the raw, unapologetic nature of life and the artist’s characteristic rock compositions. Each song on “Octane Junkies” showcases Farias’s ability to navigate the complexities of musical emotion and narrative, making every track a compelling piece of the rock puzzle.

Now available on all major digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, and Boomplay, “Octane Junkies” is more than just an album—it’s an experience. This release is a clarion call to all rock enthusiasts and newcomers alike to dive into a world where classic meets contemporary, creating a blend that is both refreshing and deeply rooted in rock tradition.

Mark Farias, not just a singer and songwriter but a modern-day rock visionary, continues to push the boundaries of the genre, testing its very limits. With “Octane Junkies,” he not only pays homage to the greats of the past but also paves the way for the future of rock music, ensuring that his sounds are not just heard but felt—an auditory journey that ignites the soul and revives the spirit of rock in every listener.

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Mark Farias, an original and unique voice in rock music, proudly announces the release of his new album “Octane Junkies.” Known for his innovative approach that blends the raw edge of classic rock with the vibrant energy of modern sounds, the dynamic artist has crafted a collection that promises to electrify listeners. Released on June 15, Farias’ newest album features five songs, each telling a story of intensity and passion that resonates through every chord and lyric. The album is all set to grace listeners across all music streaming platforms, introducing them to the vibrant and enlivening realm of Farias’ music. A talented and prolific artist, Mark Farias remains driven to continue the momentum from “Octane Junkies” laying the path forward for his musical journey, onwards and upwards.


Mark Farias
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